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Salem's Daughter is a comic put out by Zenescope Entertainment, Inc. The comic centers around Anna Williams and Braden Cole in the 1890s.

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Next issue:The Haunting #1

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Anna is handing clothes on the line when Darius shows up and tries to convince her to join sides with him. When she refuses, he sends Jared to attack her and expose her powers.


Anna Williams is a witch with magical powers as her mother was before her. Although she had some idea as a girl that she was a witch, she did not practice her powers, because her parents feared the attention it would get her. She did know enough to reject Darius's offer, but was unable to stop her powers from surfacing when she needed to protect herself against the mind controled Jared.

Had it not been for the help of Braden, already hot on Darius's trail seeking revenge for the death of his wife and child, she would not have survived to escape Salem's Village. She travels with him, leading the way as she tries to find the people in her visions that need their help.

TDES06 - Cover A

The amazing Dream Eater crossover event continues! Braden and Anna investigate a mysterious occurrence in a small Delaware town as residents are ravaged by a sickness that turns them old and kills them within hours. Only a few are not affected and Anna knows that something evil is at work. Now as Braden becomes infected, Anna must figure out a way to save him before he too falls victim! Part 6 of the incredible Grimm Fairy Tales Dream Eater crossover event is here and includes 40 pages of content!

SDTH04 - Cover B
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"I just don't know what good this gift is if I cannot use it to help."
Anna Williams
Comic Book Update - Salem's Daughter - The Awakening 0-1

Comic Book Update - Salem's Daughter - The Awakening 0-1

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